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 Helping Everyday Athletes elevate their performance with personalized strategies for lasting results

Are You Feeling Stuck?

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1. Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals in life or sport?


​2. Are workouts leaving you worn down, in pain, or mentally drained?

3. Are you confused about what to focus on to get better, faster, and stronger?

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Your Journey to Optimal Performance Starts Here, Where Everyday Athletes Become Extraordinary.

How to Get Started


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Define Your Goals

Define what success looks like for you and build a plan to make sure you get there


Take Action

Choose the program that best fits your goals and finally get the results you deserve


Welcome to EA Performance! Your journey to unlocking peak performance starts here. Our passion lies in elevating everyday athletes through personalized training programs. We're not just about workouts; we're about harnessing your potential, optimizing your performance, and achieving results that resonate beyond the gym. With expert guidance and a tailored approach, we're here to empower you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself. Join us in embracing the power of personal training for unparalleled performance gains. Let's redefine what it means to be an everyday athlete.

What Clients Say About Us

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

I have been working out for the better part of three decades. I decided to change up my routine of instructor lead classes, to training with a plan. Coach Britt was the perfect choice for me. She designed a personal training plan based on performance goals we discussed.
I am beyond pleased with the physical results that I have obtain over the last three months. In addition, my new knowledge of nutrition is priceless.
I would highly recommend Coach Britt to everyone! - Court Cooke

There is working out and then there is personal training . This is personal training. It is customized; it is motivating; it is effective.

- Gerry Ford

Got me in the best condition of my life, couldn't be more thankful for a coach like this.

-Zach Ortloff

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