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Britt Johnson

Founder of EA Performance

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My Story

I was diagnosed as a teenager with a severe case of scoliosis that required immediate surgery. This meant a year of recovery and no exercise other than walking. As a double sport athlete, I was devastated. I cried, threw things, and I felt like life as I knew it was over. However, I went to work being the best patient in hopes that I would have a chance to live an active life moving forward. Recovery went well and now I'm living a life I could never have dreamed up.

In my twenties I walked into my first martial arts school and found my passion for fitness again. There are some things I will never be able to do in the gym, on the mat, or in life and some things are enormously difficult to make progress in. I've been frustrated beyond belief at times but that only makes the victories that much sweeter.

I've learned through this process and a couple decades of training that doubters don't define me and I don't have time to listen to them. Sometimes I have to turn off the voice in my own head, my own doubt. There is progress in consistency and I strive every single day to get better in the gym, in sport, and in life.

Because of this, I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer on a mission to help everyday athletes maintain their competitive edge and overcome physical and mental obstacles so they can do the things they never thought possible. I want other people who have lost, hurt, struggled, and clawed their way back from the impossible to perform at their best, to win, and to prove the doubters wrong.

Spoiler Alert: With the right training, your best performance is better than you could have imagined.


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